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Swan Barrel Harmonic Tuner & Airgun Accessories

GEN7 Swan Signature Tuner

GEN7 Swan Signature Tuner

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GEN7 Swan Signature Tuner


We are introducing the newly redesigned and improved Swan Barrel Tuner GEN7. The new  GEN7 Swan Signature Tuner is based on the previous generations, with added features and improvements suggested by a conglomerate of pro shooters with hours of testing, years of experience, and knowledge, resulting in a new and improved Swan Barrel Harmonic Tuner! Battle-tested, made, designed, and used by pro precision shooters worldwide.

Benefits Include:
- Ability for Shooters to Add Additional Weights (.22Cal Slugs) to each weight cavity
- GEN7 Swan Barrel Harmonic Tuners are perfectly balanced, centered, and symmetrical 
- Each weight (slug) cavity is numbered & lettered to correspond with Swan Harmonic Tuning Targets
- Very Intuitive. Rotate the Swan Tuner until you find the tightest three-shot group CTC as compared to the control group, and then confirm with another three-shot group
- Don't let Swan Barrel Harmonic Tuning be the last and forgotten step in your precision shooting & tuning processes.

Each GEN7 Swan Tuner remains toolless and will not break or fail. Also, these tuners do not collect shot debris because they fit over the shroud/ barrel.

Tests show the tuners improve group size CTC (center to center) by a 60 to 80% reduction compared to the Control Group shot without the tuner. No other tuner manufacturer makes this claim.

👉Precision shooters spoke & we listened.👈

Buyers must supply their weights to insert into the Swan Tunert 27Gr 22 CalibeH & N&N HP Slugs or the like.

You can add weights to your Swan Tuner before being shipped. Please choose that product's page to add to your cart.


All Sales are Final

All Sales are Final

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