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Swan Barrel Harmonic Tuner & Airgun Accessories

Swan Barrel Liner Carbon Fiber Sleeve Spacers

Swan Barrel Liner Carbon Fiber Sleeve Spacers

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One pair of Swan Carbon Fiber Sleeve Spacers

CF Sleeve Spacers are designed to replace FX Barrel Liner OEM spacers with o-rings. Centers the Carbon Fiber sleeve barrel liner within the shroud. They are sold only in pairs.

Benefits include:

- Barrel centering, a larger footprint to stabilize more barrel surface, and reduced harmonics resulting from the force of the shot.

- Tensions the barrel without the added stress and maintains a more consistent POI.

Proper Fitment:

- Place one directly over the middle of the Carbon Fiber Sleeve, which houses the barrel liner, and one 1.5 inches from the muzzle end of the Carbon Fiber Sleeve.

All Sales are Final

All Sales are Final

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